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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Overwhelming Response!

I have heard so many wonderful things from everyone on my website and through my emails. I am very excited to hear what readers have to say about my book. I really hope that you like the story. Stay posted to my blog because I will be providing sample chapters and also a little insight into what the characters are going to be up to in the sequel.
On a side note I am also starting a book set back in the early 19th century. That was such an exciting time to live in London, England. Carriages and ball gowns and London Society, trips to Bath for relaxation. I am looking forward to finding out what Julia and Lucas have in store for their adventure.

SO..... I pose a question to you, readers...... If you could live during any time period in history, or in the present, when would you choose? What would your situation have been?

It is so hard for me to pick but if I had to say just one I would be the daughter of nobility at my first Season in London, early 1800's!


  1. I would choose any time after indoor plumbing became a stadard and before it became a standard for mothers to work outside of their homes. Less stressful and more family oriented. I would choose a simpler time. I know, not very adventerous.

  2. I am with you on the indoor plumbing!! I'm not sure I could do without that!