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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Something to Blog About....

Well, another first for me. This morning I did my first radio interview. It was for Madisonville's KMVL Radio (1220 am and 100.5 fm). What fun!! The two hosts, Paul and Christy were really nice. I called ahead of time and asked what they were going to be asking me so that I could be prepared and they said that they would just rather wing it. That made me a little nervous because I like to be prepared but I think it went really well. They did mention the fact that my book release date is April 19th, which is the same day as the standoff in Waco with David Koresh, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and Columbine, so it is a power day. I assured them that this would be the best April 19th ever and that it would be a power day for my book release!! (Please pray...)
I will post the link to the radio show soon, they are putting it on a CD for me (what's a CD? Just joking!) and I will get it sometime towards the end of this week!!
Until then, I hope you have a great week. I hope that you are blessed in all you do and I hope that you enjoy sunshine and warmth, both outside and in your heart!

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